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Panzura Demo Day
The future of data management is in the cloud - especially in the current remote work environment with exploding data growth. But, getting there and making it all work can be challenging, especially when working on huge AEC files on chatty applications. You know how frustrating (and expensive) it is to have your teams waiting for files to open, or needing to merge file versions.

With Panzura, you can have a cloud storage system that feels like you’re onsite, plus you’ll enjoy:

• Automatic file locking
• Immediate file consistency across all locations
• Local file performance
• Ransomware protection

Only Panzura turns cloud storage into a file system. It literally lets you use cloud storage like it’s a data center in the next room. Panzura is the perfect solution for firms with multiple locations and remote teams looking to work and collaborate in real-time.
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